Host Training Classes


The Training Instructor Responsibilities (Me)

1)  I am considered as an outside Contractor.  I am coming in to teach all of the training courses. My personal expenses such as airfare, hotel and meals are my responsibility. My personal payment is 50% of the profits after all the expenses are deducted. My personal payment will be distributed in two payments: 1) 50% due one week prior to arrival 2) 50% due upon my arrival and before any instructions begins... this is not negotiable.  A contract will be signed by both parties outlining our agreement and payment distribution.

2)  I will be responsible for online registration.  The form we will be using is a Google Document (this is only an example). Once the participant has registered, they will receive a link from Evenbrite to complete their payment. A registration packet (PDF document) will be sent to them upon completion of payment.

3) I will be responsible for sending out the registration packets with course information, dates, times and contract of liability to registered participants. The contract will require a signature and to be handed in at the time of training. This is because we are working with sharp tools such as needles, scissors, etc.

4) I will be responsible for creating and printing of the promotional flyer.  Below is an example of what information will be included on the flyer. Marketing must be done from both parties in order for participation to be successful.

5) I will be responsible for putting together all the Training Kits for each participant. The cost of the kit is $150 each and is included in the course tuition. This expense will be deducted from the course tuition.

The Host Responsibilities (You)

Salon Owners, Beauty Store Owners, License Hair Stylist, Industry Professionals Welcome!

1)  You are required to have a venue for training.  This cost will be deducted from the course tuition. (Note: Sometimes places such as JoAnn's will lease out their training rooms for events such as these).

2) You are the liaison between the Instructor and the students. You are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly.

3) Your personal payment is 50% of the profits after all the expenses are deducted. A contract will be signed by both parties outlining our agreement and payment distribution.

4) You are responsible for collecting all the tuition fees. Your PayPal address will be located on the registration form, this will be a mandatory option. Payment in full is required from all participants. You are responsible for all accounting, payment distribution and records.

5) You are responsible for ordering lunch for each day of training for all participants. This expense will be deducted from the course tuition.

6) All students must bring their own Sewing Machines.

The Participants
Participants will have the option to cancel within 72 hours before the class begins if an emergency arises. There will be a $50 cancellation fee deducted from the refund amount.  After this date, a 50% refund will be reimbursed or participants can re-schedule their training at a future date.  This will be outlined in their registration packet. You are responsible for refunding their payment.

Training Days
Sunday - Saturday

Training Times
10:00am - 6:00pm (to be determined)

Training Classes Offered
Beginning Wigmaking
Intermediate Wigmaking
Beginning Ventilation
Intermediate Ventilation
Participants can schedule two or four days of training

Training Class Tuition
Beginning & Intermediate Wigmaking (2 day class) $1200 (Kit Included)
Beginning & Intermediate Ventilation - (2 day class) $1200 (Kit Included)
Combination Wigmaking/Ventilation Training - $2000 (Kit Included)

Maximum Class Capacity Each Day
Up to 6 students maximum

Course Curriculum - Wigmaking
Making a Head Mold
Taking accurate Head Measurements 
Transferring them onto a Canvas Head Padding out the Canvas Head
Basic Sewing Instructions using a Sewing Maching and a Serger
Basic Wig Cap Construction
Advanced Wig Cap Construction
Measurements and Markings
Foundations and Trims
Elastic Nap Construction (Fasteners/Elastic/Drawstrings)
Students will use Sewing Machine for Sewing Wefts onto the Wig Cap
Students will make either a Lace Closure Wig or a Lace Frontal Wig
**Participants Must Bring Pre-Made Closure and/or Lace Frontal Hair for Wigmaking***

Course Curriculum - Ventilation
How to Use Ventilation needles and holders
Single ventilation instructions
Double ventilation instructions
How to Determine the Direction of Swiss and Stretch Lace
Ventilating Positions
How to Determine Hair Density
Learn Untying Knots
Closure pattern making (various sizes)
We will Begin ventilating a 4x4" Closure
**Participants Must Bring Hair for Ventilating - Hair can be cut off wefts**

Lace WigTraining / Wigmaking  Training / Ventilation Training