I'm Lily, an Inventor, Writer, Wig Designer and Beauty Blogger at Fun Fierce Fabulous Beauty Over 50!

I am from two generations of self taught Wig Makers. I began making wigs for myself because of my own hair loss, I suffered from Traction Alopecia which resulted from years of wearing braids and hair weaves to tightly.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer and I am now Cancer Free.

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As a skilled seamstress, I began designing my own wig caps from scratch, not long after I taught myself how to ventilate and began making full wigs for myself.  Women in my workplace (i'm a retired flight attendant) began asking for wigs and the rest is history.

I am located in Los Angeles, CA and here at WigWeaves, all my work is "custom" from beginning to end.  I am the only person that touches your unit. There's no assembly line or other individuals working with or for me.  Wigmaking is my passion and I have been making wigs for over 20 years.

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A custom wig takes many hours of ventilation, sometimes ventilating anywhere from 5hrs to 8hrs a day.  Patience is required to achieve the type of perfection and precision required in ventilating for ultimate results.... therefore,I do not work under pressure.  

My custom wigs takes anywhere from 3mos to 6mos to complete.  I don't have a specific time frame, it just depends on how my fingers feel when i'm ventilating that day.  Sometimes I can ventilate up to 5hrs or more a day and sometimes I can't. 


Because of the unnecessary pressure and demands placed on me while ventilating your orders..... I will only accept orders on a case by case basis.

Something to think about.... the cost of my in-person "beginning ventilation" course is $500 and teaches you how to ventilate.  You will be able to ventilate a lace closure, a frontal or a full lace wig upon completion of this one course... then you can make your own wig!

Please send all inquiries to the email address below.

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