Taping Your Wigs Lower to Create a Smaller Forehead

Taping Your Wigs
As you can see from the photo on the left I positioned the double sided wig tape about an inch from my hairline. I like to create a smaller forehead as I feel that the older I get the less forehead wrinkles that I show the better I feel.  The tape that I am using is a very narrow lace wig tape that you can find on my website here.  I also sell this tape in a larger size that compliments the lace wig straps that I also sell. All my wigs have the lace wig straps that holds them in place. When I go to the gym I like the extra support of having my wig taped across the front. It just gives me extra security knowing that my wig won't go flying off when i'm doing some kind of strenuous exercise.