Whoopi Goldberg Comments about Black Women Appropriating White Women's Hair is Disturbing

Whoopi Goldberg Comments about Black Women
I absolute love and adore Whoopi Goldberg and I have been following her and her shoes on Facebook for a long time... but has she lost her mind?  I'm a late sleeper and due to hormones and not being able to fall asleep at a descent hour, I'm usually laying in the bed or just waking up when The View comes on.  However, this morning I didn't wake up at all so I miss the entire episode... and boy did I miss a lot.  I didn't hear about her comments until I read it in one of my Facebook groups.  To quote exactly what was said "Whoopi Goldberg Says Black Women Appropriate White Women's Culture by Wearing White Women's Hair".

So naturally I have to comment here on my Blog because, as a Wig Maker, I have never heard it stated quite like that or so bluntly on a live television show.  I have clients that tell me all the time that they don't like wearing the really straight hair that makes them look Caucasian or White.  So I recommend a different blend for those particular clients, a blend that's wavy or a curly that I think they would feel comfortable wearing. But then I have those clients that like the really straight hair, myself included.  I never feel that I'm appropriating White women's hair when I'm wearing my wigs that have straight hair.

This does go a little deeper than the message that Whoopi put out.  For me, I'm an Ovarian Cancer survivor and my hair never really fully grew back.... it sort of looks like a porcupine with baldness around the edges from the traction alopecia I had for about 20yrs.  I'm not the only one with baldness, there's thousands of women that have hair loss from alopecia or cancer where their hair has never grew back fully. So you can see how much of a sensitive topic this is to many of us.  I really think that Whoopi should issue an apology for her blatant statement to the Hair Loss Community.
Whoopi Goldberg Comments about Black Women