Wigmaking Books I Recommend for Learing How to Make Wigs

Wigmaking Books I Recommend
Wig Making and Styling: A Complete Guide for Theatre & Film - Paperback

To understand the art of Wigmaking is to understand that it goes deeper than just wearing wigs.  Usually there's a need for wearing wigs that underlies the surface of what you see.  Society sees women (and men) wearing wigs and think..... why is she wearing that thing on her head?  This is usually the reaction I get from strangers just from feeling their stares.
 Wigmaking has been around for centuries and is very populated in the movie and theater industry.  It has become the most practical way to portray an actor and bring out the character they're playing by totally changing their image through wigs and makeup.  Lace Wigs are so undetectable now that you can't even tell if anyone is wearing one.

When it comes to learning the art of wigmaking, it takes lots of patience and practice.  Practice on machine sewing, hand sewing and ventilating.  What is ventilating you ask.  Ventilating is the process of strand by strand insertion of hair into a lace fabric known as Swiss lace. French lace, theater lace, etc.  There's so many name for lace and so many usages for lace it's hard to determine which kind you need for what.

These are a few of the books that I have in my collection that I found on Amazon.  They are all very good sources and I think very beneficial to have in your book collection.  If you can find DVDs I would add them also. It is only a place to start but to become professional and offer Wigmaking services to your clients and produce quality wigs..... you need professional training.  I'm not talking about YouTube training, I am talking about in-person hands on training that will give you the skills that you need to create custom hair systems that you can be proud of.  Visit my Training tab at the top of this site and check out what I have to offer.

Wigmaking Books I Recommend
Wig Making Made Simple - Paperback

Wigmaking Books I Recommend
The Wig Biz - eBook