Best Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair on Amazon

Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair
I had the opportunity to receive this beautiful water wave Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair from Guangxun Hair on Amazon.  I made the wig and highlighted and reviewed the hair on YouTube so that you can see what it looks like in real time. What I really like about this Brazilian Water Wave Hair is that the texture is very smooth and soft.  No matter how I slung it around while sewing it, it never really tangled. Tangling is a very huge problem for us wig wearers because one the hair tangles, the tangles just get bigger and bigger until it mattes and has to be cut.

Because Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair is mixed with human fibers, it has to be called human hair.  Human hair is not virgin hair by any means.  Human hair is defined as such because it passes the percentage quota that is set in the hair industry and meets the American standard percentage and thus can be sold in America under the human hair category..... but it absolutely cannot be called virgin hair.

If you know anything about virgin hair, then you must know that there is only one kind of virgin hair sold and that is Indian Hair.  Indian hair is the only truly virgin hair on the market.  Indian hair is cut from the donors, most of the donors are from India and their hair is cut during their traditional religious ceremony at a young age.  Don't be fooled, there aren't hundred's of Brazilian women donating their hair! Brazilian hair is something that the Chinese hair sellers made up in China to compete with the Indian hair market.

Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair