Front Lace Wig Caps for Ventilating

I recently purchased only one of these wigcaps from overseas (along with a few other supplies such as lace and needles) and I was anxious to see what they looked liked.  I can't believe how sturdy they are and how nice the lace is.  I can't determine if it's Swiss or French.  French is slightly sturdier and less likely to tear whilst Swiss is sturdy but more likely to tear while ventilating.

The reason I only purchased one is because I wanted to see if I like them, which I do.  The lace is 5" deep and that's a whole lot of ventilating but you'll get very deep parting areas.  My plan is to buy about 50 and sell them here on the website.  The think about these caps is that you'll have to take in the back portion about an inch because it'll definitely be too big because of the lace covering the front portion of our heads.