Wearing the Lace Support Wig Strap Underneath My Chin

Where you choose to wear your Lace Wig Support Strap is certainly not any of our business.  These are some photos that I took with my cell phone camera and posted them on my Instagram page.  I had some backlash with some folks saying why in the world would you wear the strap underneath your chin?  Well, it's simple.... because I wanted to see how it felt.

To be honest, it wasn't that uncomfortable. It rest right in front of my Adam's apple so I couldn't pull the wig strap too tightly. The plus side was that it pulled back all the loose skin around my face and made me look like I'd had a face lift!

Video - I'm showing you how i'm wearing the strap underneath my chin

The strap is sewn in all the way across the front of my wig from ear to ear.
 Totally Invisible.  If you have longer hair, you certainly can't see it.