Wig Clamps and Wig Stands for Wigmaking

There are quite a few different kinds of wig clamps that will get the job done of securing your canvas heads and wig blocks down tightly.  Knowing which ones are the right ones for you may be a little bit challenging.  I have only used two kinds of wig clamps which are the shorter ones shown in the photo.  I also have a floor stand that I use sometimes but after ventilating a couple of hours my back starts to hurt so I don't use it much.
I will admit that I like placing my canvas head in-between my knees while ventilating.  I feel I can keep it more steady and at an angle that i'm pretty comfortable with.  I'm a left-hand ventilator so just think of me ventilating as the opposite of what you might do when ventilating.

Some clamps are more sturdier than others but they can and will all break over time from wear and tear. I've had one that completely broke and all of my shorter ones have lost the little plastic cap that fits over the metal ring that secures the clamps down tightly.  If you notice the tape over the neck of the clamp it's because my canvas heads are slightly larger than the neck so adding tape keeps it from moving.  If you're interested to see the kinds of canvas heads I recommend, CLICK HERE.