Wigmaking Supplies for Lace Wig Training

I took the time to put a Wigmaking Kit together because so many people contact me through YouTube and  many of my other social media channels asking the question "where can I purchase wigmaking supplies."  I know it's not that simple to order all the things you need from all over the web and when you do, it does become confusing.  For instance, the Swiss Lace comes from China and if you're going to order it, you might as well place a bulk order to make the shipping worth it.  I have taken care of that part for you. I order in bulk and give you a healthy piece inside your Wigmaking Kits. 


I even went a little further on this.  I put a list together of all the basic supplies need for Wigmaking, the list is below.  I  placed links to all of the supplies so that you can order them directly if you choose.  The links to these products all goes to Amazon for your convenience.  If you total the cost, you will discover these items come to well over $150.  The shipping of these Wigmaking Kits is what brings up your cost. The kit, when all packed weighs 35 lbs. Depending on the location, the shipping can run anywhere from $30 to $35.  In my store, I've added in the cost of the shipping, so when you check out just choose "Free Shipping."

Below is a list of the basic supplies needed for Wigmaking.

1)    Swiss Lace  - 17"x 21"
Colors:  Nude or Light Brown

2)    Stretch Lace 12"x12"
Color:  Nude

3)  Wigmaking Net

4)    Ventilation Needle
Size:  2-3 German Needle

6)    Canvas Head
Size:  20"

7)     Wig Clamp

8) Duct Tape

9)   Push Pins

10)  Pin Cushion

11)    Small Scissors

12)    Tape Measure

13)    Pointed Pliers

14)     Small Craft Hammer

15)     Seam Ripper

16)    Sewing Needles

17)     Cotton Thread

18) Elastic

19) Trim

20) Clear Storage Case

Detailed Video Showing all the Supplies

Updated Video with Shipping/Packaging Information