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Wigmaking Supplies for Lace Wig Making

Below is a list of the basic supplies needed for Wigmaking.

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1)    Swiss Lace - 17"x 21"
Colors:  Nude or Light Brown

2)    Stretch Lace 12"x12"
Color:  Nude

3)  Wigmaking Net

4)    Ventilation Needle
Size:  2-3 German Needle

5)    Brass Ventilation Needle Holder

6)    Canvas Head
Size:  20"

7)     Wig Clamp

8) Duct Tape

9)   Round Head Push Pins

10)  Pin Cushion

11)    Small Scissors

12)    Tape Measure

13)    Pointed Pliers

14)     Small Craft Hammer

15)     Seam Ripper

16)    Sewing Needles

17)     Cotton Thread

18) Elastic

19) Trim

20) Clear Storage Case


Detailed Video Showing all the Supplies

Updated Video with Shipping/Packaging Information