Another Version of a Basic Lace Frontal Wig Cap

Another Version of a Basic Wig Cap

I saw this wig cap online and I really like it because it's a full lace wig ventilated on a wig cap that is made of  full stretch fabric.  Stretch fabric is quite hard to ventilate on because it breaks your needles if you aren't very careful, which means it'll probably take longer to make.  It also has elastic straps across the entire bottom.  There's lace across the front for free parting, however the way the lace is sewn on, there's only one way you can wear this wig and that's glued or taped down across the front. If you're taking your wig off each night like me, then this wig design would work for you, just remember it has to be secured down some way across the front or else it'll lift.