How to Cover the Wigmaking Lace for Dying Hair with Got-2b-Glued

How to Cover the Lace for Dying Hair with Got2bGLued
How to cover the wigmaking lace when dying lace wigs has become a pretty important issue in the world of wigmaking.  If you don't cover your lace properly, you will end up with tons of stains on your lace which will show through when you part your wigs.  Dying lace wigs with Got-2b-Glued Spiking Gel is one of the most important steps in the world of wigmaking..... it's pretty darn important!

So far it's the only product that I have found that can completely cover the lace and prevent any dye from penetrating through to the net. The trick is to apply the Got-2b-Glued Spiking Gel twice.  I apply it the first time, then let dry completely under a hooded hair dryer, then I apply it a second time and let it dry completely again underneath the hair dryer until it is very stiff.  Then I turn it inside out and use a stiff  hair brush to separate the hairs a part.

 Part 1 Video

Part 2 Video

 First turn your wig inside out and stretch it across the net while pinning it in place.

Start coating the entire lace area with the got2b glued spiking glue. 

Gently push the glue into the net so it can coat the knots underneath.

Place under a hooded hair drier until it's completely dry.

Go over the entire area again with a second coating of got2b glued.

Place underneath a hooded hair drier for the second time until it's completely dry.

How to Cover the Lace for Dying Hair with Got2bGLued

Remove the pins and turn the unit inside out.

Place it back on the canvas head and pin it in place.

Using a sponge or a small brush, start applying the dye on the hair with very light strokes.

Avoid globing on and creating puddles.  Apply on the lace smoothly because if there's areas that aren't sealed properly, the dye will slip through and stain the net and knots.

How to Cover the Lace for Dying Hair with Got2bGLued
The Photo Below is How It Looks Before Applying the Hair Dye
Got-2b Glued Spiking Glue
The Photo Below is How it Looks After Applying the Hair Dye
Got-2b Glued Spiking Glue

I hope you're good at mixing the dye because if you're not, chances are the roots won't turn back to black and you'll have to do it all over again.


I would leave the dye on about 45 minutes just to make sure it takes.

Rinse the dye out first, then put some kind of oil like Coconut Oil or Olive Oil on the roots.

Then start rinsing out the spiking glue, it take quite a while to rinse it all out and it only rinses out with hot water. 

Be very careful with the hair while rinsing, using the oils keeps it from matting and tangling but the oils does rinse out so you might have to keep coating it again while rinsing. 

After the bleaching and dying, the roots will be very dry so be very careful while washing because it could possible tangle and matte. 

I try and keep it coated with oils and wash very gently.

Then I soak it in conditioner in a plastic zip-lock bag overnight.

It should soften up after a few washing's but always be careful when washing so it won't matte or tangle.