Quick Tips when Ventilating

In this vedeo I demonstrate how using tape can separate the hairs apart when working on the front hairlines with single strands.  Sometimes it's necessary to tape the hairs back in order to see all the tiny holes because it's really important not to miss any holes when ventilating with single strands.


  1. Hello, I would like some advice about ventilating. I have wefted hair (14, 16 and 18 inches long), and I'm curious to know whether I should order bulk hair instead for the ventilation process...

    I've noticed in many of the videos I've seen that you have to "loop" the hair between your fingers before hooking the strands on the needle... how long should the loop be? I mean, will it be even lengths when you fold the hair over or will one side bee a little longer than the other? Does it matter? Did any of this make sense? Any advice/ help would be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi, I would really love to help you. My consultation fee is $50 and that's for six months of email consultation and one free custom wig cap. Please email me if you're interested.


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