Quick and Easy Way to Bleach Knots

Quick Easy Way to Bleach Knots

I'm always asked... how to bleach knots on lace wigs.  Bleaching knots is not very difficult if you know what you're doing.  I normally bleach knots in a two step process to prevent the hairs from turning orange. If the hair turns orange, then it becomes a whole different ball game.  You will have to cover the lace with Got-2b-Glued and then re-dye the hair roots back to it's original color again. Don't worry I have a tutorial on how to cover the lace, just follow along and your roots will be back to normal again in a jiffy.

Firrst I suggest bleaching the knots the first time to a very light brown, rinsing and drying the unit, then bleaching the second time to a blond.  I recommend covering the lace with a plastic Saran Wrap for a faster approach but this isn's always necessary.  Most often the lace will also turn blond.  If you're lace has already been dyed to match your skin tone, you probably will have to dye your lace again.  See my video on dying lace.

Quick Easy Way to Bleach Knots
After Bleaching
Below is my method for bleaching knots.  Timing is important on bleaching knots because if you leave the bleach on too long as I said earlier, the roots will turn orange.  I leave the bleach on for a total of 15 minutes.  In the photo above I only used one bleaching to achieve the color, which is also demonstrated in the video below.  I measured the bleach appropriately but sometimes I recommend using two bleaching's if you're not familiar with how to mix the bleach. It's better to be safe than sorry.