How to Keep your Lace Wigs from Slipping Back + Video Demo

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Sometimes it's hard to conceal the edges of our lace fronts and lets face it, it takes a lot of work to get it exactly right!  Well I'm no expert but I thought I'd share what works for me. I have really thinning edges thanks to traction alopecia and sometimes I just don't feel like leaving any of my fuzzy edges out. I actually look better without any hair out so I no longer leave any of my hair out!

I provided a step by step video tutorial of how I use a small amount of lace wig tape and a tiny amount of temporary (not permanent) lace wig bonding glue underneath the tape to seal my lace frontal wig down.  I didn't shave off any hair, I just placed the tape beyond the hairline using Lace FX wig tape and 30 Sec bonding glue.  I also take my wig off every night, I just use a little baby oil on a toothpick to lift the tape, then I let the baby oil sit on the glue residue for a few minutes then it comes completely off without any scalp irritation.

If you lead an active lifestyle like I do, I can attest that your wig will not lift while working out and sweating profusely after cardio, swimming or sitting in the sauna.

You will want to order the Lace Wig Support Strap or the Lace Closure Support Strap for added security!