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Strap are made from clear elastic that is very durable. The elastic will not tear when stretched to maximum capacity. The clear elastic blends into skin and becomes invisible. The fasteners are made of clear plastic and are 3/8" in size. They do not hurt or irritate the scalp as metal fasteners would. The straps can be worn two ways, using "double sided tape" or hand sewn into the lace. 

Wig Clamps and Wig Stands for Wigmaking

There are quite a few different kinds of wig clamps that will get the job done of securing your canvas heads and wig blocks down tightly.  Knowing which ones are the right ones for you may be a little bit challenging.  I have only used two kinds of wig clamps which are the shorter ones shown in the photo.  I also have a floor stand that I use sometimes but after ventilating a couple of hours my back starts to hurt so I don't use it much.

I will admit that I like placing my canvas head in-between my knees while ventilating.  I feel I can keep it more steady and at an angle that i'm pretty comfortable with.  I'm a left-hand ventilator so just think of me ventilating as the opposite of what you might do when ventilating.

Brazilian Water Wave Virgin Hair by Guangxun on Amazon

Guangxun Hair on Amazon
I had the opportunity to receive this beautiful water wave Brazilian hair from Guangxun Hair on Amazon.  I made the wig and highlighted and reviewed the hair on YouTube so that you can see what it looks like in real time.

My New Red Top Custom Pixi Wig

Custom Pixi Wig
I wanted a Pixi Wig really bad so I decided to purchase the 27 piece Short Hair Wigmaking Kit from my local Beauty Supply Store. The kit only cost around $7.99 and came with all synthetic hair. I used some 10" virgin Indian Hair from hair that I had lying around for the top. I bleached it blond then dyed it red using koolaid.  At first I dyed it green which you will see in the video tutorial. It came out too green and I looked like the jolly green giant once it was completed, sorry I didn't take any photos. But after playing around with it a bit and getting it exactly like I wanted it, I re-dyed it red.

Capless Lace Closure Wig | Wigmaking Training Demo for Beginning Wigmaking Class

Capless Lace Closure Wig
Beginning Wigmaking allows you to create a beautiful Lace Closure Wig for yourself or for someone special. However, you will be able to make this exact same wig in the demo.  If you aren't able to ventilating, you might want to include Beginning Ventilating as part of your overall training. You will be able to make custom wigs for yourself and build a reparable clientele list based on your skills and training. Why not invest in quality wigmaking training and begin your career now. Click on the "Training" tab at the top of this Website for more information on training classes. 

Tutorial | How to Lay Your Lace Front Wigs w/ Lace Wig Tape | Video Demo

 Here's a step by step tutorial that gives you very detailed instructions on how I lay my lace wigs to look flawless without leaving any hair out. All the products are listed in the tutorial.

Review ~ Wigmate Dry & Style

Wigmate Dry & Style

I received the Wigmate Dry & Style for review and I've had it a few weeks to try. The Wigmate give you an easy option for drying your wigs without the fuss of using Styrofoam heads.  Their are four pieces included in the package that gives you several options of mounting the Wigmate for easy use. The positions are pictured on the back of the box for easy reference as shown in the photo below.  

How I Style my Lace Frontal Wig in an Updo

Whenever I wear my lace frontal wig up like this I get so many compliments, most people think it's my real hair.  A lace frontal should really look and feel as natural as possible with natural parting and free flowing hair. Pure virgin Indian hair gives you this look and feel because it is not mixed with synthetic fibers that thickens and tangles the hair. Below is a video tutorial of how I style my hair in an updo from beginning to end!