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New Online Hair Extension Shopping Boutique

I put together a New Online Hair Extension Shopping Boutique with some of the most popular human hair bundles on the webs. These human hair bundles for wigmaking comes in all textures, lengths and colors. You can choose form Brazilian, Indian, Bohemian, Yaki, Water Wave, Curly, Deep Wavy, Straight, Ombre and a whole lot more. Take a moment and visit and i'm sure you won't regret stopping by.

How To Get a Strong Two Week Lace Wig Hold Using Lace Wig Tape

How to Use Lace Wig Tape
I always get asked how to get a strong lace wig hold, one that would last up to two weeks. It's really very simple using the Lace Wig Straps. These straps prevents you from having to use adhesive directly on the skin, instead they act as a barrier to protect the skin from irritation caused by adhesives and sometimes by having the lace wig tape applied directly onto the skin as well.

How to Properly Care for you Lace Front Wigs

Lace Wig Care
Caring for your wigs is very important because you don't want them to shed, tangle or lose volume, texture or shape. The lace is very delicate and required proper care which includes washing. If the lace wigs are not washed properly or sealed before washing, they will certainly shed. Shedding is a big problem for lace wigs. This is because they are not sealed properly when manufactured. Of course they want the wigs to shed... so we can continue buying more. Well, I've put together some instructions on how to properly wash your wigs to prevent shedding.

Custom Wigmaking Head Measurements

Custom Wigmaking Head Measurements

The circumference measurement is the most important part of the wig making process.  There are also two other important measurements needed in order to make a perfectly fitted cap. Those from ear to ear and front to back. Once you have these three basic measurement it will be very easy to make the wig cap.  I have a detailed video on how to make a basic wig cap

Basic Supplies Needed to Get Started with Wigmaking/Ventilating

Basic Wigmaking Supplies for Wigmaking

I put together a list of basic supplies that you need to get started with ventilating/wigmaking. These supplies are necessary to have in your collection as they provide all the basics of Wigmaking. Each item below I have bought from Amazon, a few of them come from China and shipping has been very fast, 2 to 3 weeks maximum. 

Top Ombre Hair Extensions on Amazon

Top Ombre Hair Extensions on Amazon
I took the liberty to review some of the ombre hair bundles on Amazon and pick those that I felt had the best reviews. Below is my choice of Peruvian and Brazilian Human Hair Extensions for wig making. Click the link at the bottom for more choices on Pinterest.