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How I Style my Lace Frontal Wig in an Updo

Whenever I wear my lace frontal wig up like this I get so many compliments, most people think it's my real hair.  A lace frontal should really look and feel as natural as possible with natural parting and free flowing hair. Pure virgin Indian hair gives you this look and feel because it is not mixed with synthetic fibers that thickens and tangles the hair. Below is a video tutorial of how I style my hair in an updo from beginning to end!

4 Simple Steps on Using Wig Tape with the Clear Lace Wig Strap

The key to a lasting hold up to at least one month is to apply pressure overnight to your lace wig straps once you have applied the wig tape and the wig strap.  I can even wash my wig with the straps and they don't come off.  I have also made a YouTube video below demonstrating how easy is is to apply the lace wig tape and the lace wig strap and tying it down overnight to create a long lasting hold.

How to Ventilate a Scallop Hairline

I've been wanting to create a scallop hairline for quite sometime now and I didn't quite now how to do it. After pondering for sometime, I just decided to make a pattern from my hairline and go for it. In the video I show you how its' done!

Shop Ombre Hair Extensions for Cute Summer Hair

Shop Ombre Hair Extensions
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Pre-Bleaching Knots Before Ventilating Lace Wigs & CLosures

A lot of you know that i'm totally against bleaching knots because it shortens the life of the knots. The knots become loose and ultimately sheds leaving you with a waste of money.  Another thing is... the bleach affects the lace, it turns the lace white and weakens the fiber which leads to tears.  The alternative is offering your clients pre-bleached knots.  In the video I showed you what they look like when pre-bleached, I also wrote an in-depth post here along with photos here

The Top 10 Best Hair Bundles on Amazon for Making Lace Closure Wigs

Top 10 Best Hair Bundles on Amazon

As a Wigmaker I'm trained to spot quality human hair that has an enormous amount of fillers which will ultimately cause the hair to shed and tangle compared to some that add just enough to enhance the blend.  Upon reading the reviews on Amazon of so many bundles, I compiled a list of the best bundles for making Lace Closure and Lace Frontal Wigs. These bundle deals vary in prices as well as in lengths and the amount of hair included in the bundles.  All in all, I think they are all good deals for making closure wigs.  Click Here For More Selections on Pinterest!

How To Create a Temporary Lace Wig Hold Using Wig Tape + Video Demo

A lot of times we simply don't want to tape our wigs down across the front but sometimes it's necessary especially if we're leading an active lifestyle.  Just using lace wig tape sometimes won't work because the tape will lift once our skin becomes moist.  I like to use a little lace wig bonding glue underneath the tape to create a long lasting hold to prevent my wigs from lifting after I've become sweaty from working out.  I've also tested this, I've sat in the Sauna, took a shower and did massive cardio all that involved massive sweating and I promise you that my wig didn't lift. In the video tutorial, I demonstrated how I apply it and which products I used.
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